The DIGICASTER® Satellite Encoder is a contribution quality device that uses the high compression video encoding technology H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. The encoder produces compliant MPEG transport streams for high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video delivery through satellite transmission chains, optical fiber networks like MPLS and unmanaged IP networks. It also provides the Carrier ID function mandated by the FCC.


Main Encoder Operation Mode

Video Interface Input:

H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
HD/SD/SDI w/embedded audio
• Video input protection buffer can be specified.
• Picture mode Normal / Dynamic texture
• Coded picture buffer Normal / Double
Encoding formats HD:
Input Video FormatBit Rate
H.264 HP@L4 / H.264 HP@L4.1 / H.264 HP@L5.1
• 1920 x 1080i (59.94 Hz) (29.97 fps)
• 1920 x 1080i (50 Hz) (25 fps)
• 1920 x 1080i (60 Hz) (30 fps)
• 1280 x 720p (59.94 Hz) (59.94 fps)
• 1280 x 720p (50 Hz) (50 fps)1 to 35 Mbps
Encoding Formats SD:
Input video format:
Bit Rate
 H.264 HP@L3.1
• 720 x 480i (59.94 Hz)
• 720 x 576i (50 Hz)
1 to 15 Mbps
Level selection:
PPS interval GOP:
Encoding control mode:
Reference Input:
 2 / 2.2 / 3 / 3.1 / 4 / 4.1 / 5.1 selectable
Picture selectable
Standard (IBBP) / Motion (IBP) / Low latency (PPPP)
Main audio
Bit rate:
Number of channels:
Interfaces Input:
Audio offset:
Audio Tracking Mode:
Ancillary data:
(for 2 channels)
• MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2: 128/256/384 kbps (CBR)
• MPEG-2 AAC: 64/128/256 kbps (CBR)
2 to 16 (8-pairs)
HD/SD-SDI (embedded) – Up to 16 channels
-300ms to +300ms (milliseconds) per stereo pair
any channel pairs to any channel pairsEIA-708 closed caption
TS Muxer Control: CID service name, provider name
• Mux rate adjustment
• Video, audio, PCR, PMT= PID
• Mapping and period adjustment
ASI TS Control: output stream bit rate, packet mode, clock source, provider name
Mux rate adjustment
IP TS Control: UDP or RTP, destination IP addr & port unicast or multicast

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