Revolutionizing Live Video Transport

Digital Comm Link has been providing broadcast quality live video transport to the major networks, both domestically and internationally, since 1995. We have built a private network allowing our customers and multiple studio locations access to major video destinations and switches such as Vyvx®.

DIGICASTER® is a protected IP, HD/SD video transport service.

The Service

The DIGICASTER® Video Network offers fully managed scheduled Occasional Use (OU) circuits and permanent circuits. It offers point to point and point to multipoint delivery with network surveillance and management.

The Scheduler

A Web based portal with a UI for scheduling which provides you with routing and real time monitoring graphically displaying your events and connections in real time and notifying you if thaere are incidents.

The Connectivity

Full bi-lateral Point to Multi-point, bi-lateral HD/SD/SDI & ASI to any location with a DIGICASTER® Appliance. DCL is a 32 Vyvx® First Video Affiliate with 32 ports connected to our DIGICASTER® Video Network, and our fully licensed, full arc Earth Station for uplinking and since DCL is a Vyvx® First Video Affiliate up to 32 simultaneous Vyvx® ports.

24/7 monitoring

DCL maintains a fully manned NOC 24x7x365. This NOC manages and monitors all our network circuits, and provides notification to our customers by their method of choice, phone call, email or text.

DIGICASTER® Network and Appliances

Once you are on the DIGICASTER® video network, you have connectivity not only to your own nodes but also a variety of video destinations and switches. These include, NBC, CNN, Fox, InDemand, Encompass and others. You also have connectivity to DCL’s fully licensed, full arc Earth Station for unlinking and up to 32 simultaneous Vyvx® ports since DCL is a Vyvx® First Video Affiliate.

DCL’s DIGICASTER® video network provides a 24x7x365 manned network operations center (NOC) which monitors all client circuit connections around the clock to insure your circuit is functional when needed and notifies you by your method of choice when an issue occurs.

DCL’s DIGICASTER® Appliances use Business Class Internet circuits from your premises to access the DIGICASTER® Video Network. We deliver high quality HD and SD video transport with low latency for both occasional use and permanent circuits. This means huge savings to businesses that currently have large monthly recurring local loop charges for circuits connecting to the major video switches.

The DIGICASTER® Appliance is a low latency SD/HD broadcast quality live video transport node with the ability to provide simultaneous bi-directional video transmission. It offers SDI/ASI and IP encoding or decoding.

Full Time Use

Deliver Live Video Content 24 x 7

Occasional Use Service

Leverage our service on-demand for events and breaking news

Our Network

Worldwide CDN facilities


Satellite HD/SD Uplink and Downlink facilites
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